Hemodialysis and sailing in the Caribbean

Hemodialysis and sailing in the Caribbean
05 Feb

Hemodialysis and sailing in the Caribbean

My brother during the dialysis in his home clinic

Dialyse 2

This goes definitely!

Martinique has 4 dialysis clinics with European standards.
One is located right on the hill above the large new marina in Le Marin.
The bay of Le Marin is one of our main anchorages in the Caribbean. Practically our home.

Although the holiday was planned well in advance, we got there no promise for Hemodialysis appointments in the time required by us in January. In January is high season in Martinique. During this time many French come from the mother country here. The clinic was fully booked. One of the responsible doctors provided us finally the desired eight dates in the Hemodialysis clinic of St. Paul Hospital in Fort de France.
Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18:00 to 22:00. The same rhythm has my brother in his home clinic in Germany.
So could the holidays begin.

My brother with his wife on the beach of Diamond with Rock Diamond in the background

Gerhard und Margit

The plane landed on time, on Tuesday, 12.1.2016 at 17.00 in Lemantin. We had rented a car for the whole holiday period.
So we were able to pick up my brother and his wife from the airport and to drive him to the clinic from the different anchoring bays at the required time.
The first days we stay in Le Marin to get my brother in peace to the climate and the time difference. We bathed and swam a lot, drove with our dinghy through the bay and visited the site. My brother enjoyed the warmth, the cool trade wind and the spectacular sunsets.
On Wednesday I drove my brother for the first time into the clinic to Fort de France. Everything was well prepared. All the doctors and nurses were super nice. Also the other, mainly colored dialysis patients. A German nurse is working in the clinic. So there was no language difficulties, and the initial formalities were quickly done.
I had taken my tablet with me and waited the whole time during the treatments in the waiting room. All the preparations and post treatments were completed mostly around 22.30, so we were approximately at 23.30 back to our boat.

On the beach of Grande Anse des Salines

Grande Anse de Salines

At the weekend we sailed to the beginning the short distance to St. Anne. From here we explored the southern part of the island with its very nice beach Grande Anse des Salines.
St. Anne was the furthest distance to Fort de France to the clinic. While we sailed Christine drove always by car to the next anchoring bay.

Anse Noir is for me the most beautiful bay of Martinique

Gerhard im Cockpit

More anchorages were Grande Anse de Arlet, Anse Noir, Anse Mitan and the anchorage at the Fort of Fort de France just in front of the city.
From here we had it not far to the clinic. We visited the city and made from there a Island tour through the northern part of Martinique.
St. Pierre and the east coast is a must for any visitor of Martinique.
Return we sailed back over Anse Mitan and Grande Anse de Arlet to our regular berth in Le Marin.

My brother has really enjoyed his first sailing trip in the Caribbean with us on our PEARL since he is a dialysis patient. Time went by very quickly.
Martinique has enough attractions for a 3 weeks trip from bay to bay.
He felt very safe in the dialysis clinic of St. Paul Hospital in Fort de France and loved the technical condition of the equipment, from the expertise of the mainly colored staff and the cleanliness and sterility in the dialysis rooms.
The payment was made each weekend in cash in Euro. We got a proper, written invoice for the health insurance in Germany. The treatment and the costs were coordinated in advance. The treatment costs were moving in the same range as in Germany.

We sail past the Rock Diamond - this is actually our PEARL

PERLE am Rock Diamond

Here still the video of the 3-week holiday of my brother on our PEARL.

Holidays in Martinique