Our Schedule 2018/19

Our Schedule 2018/19
11 Jun

Our Schedule 2018/19


Alwin is back in Martinique after our vacation in Germany and makes the PEARL ready to sail.
As soon as Christine is on board on June 22, we will sail to Grenada and Trinidad /Tobago to spend the hurricane season there.

Should the production company "tellvision" of the documentary series "Borderless - discover the world" decide to produce the episode "Grenada" with us, Alwin would start researching in Grenada, looking for locations, protagonists and stories, and then he writes a first expose.
This expose will scripted together with our author Conny Schulze and submitted to tellvision.
If the script is found interesting enough, the filming could start in November 2018.

After that we will sail to St. Lucia and maybe do the episode "St. Lucia", provided that tellvision also wants to produce this episode.
The expose and the on-site research were done by our friend and soundman Claus Langer, who lived in St. Lucia for a long time.
In this episode Christine would be responsible for the camera and Alwin would be "only" her camera assistant. So Alwin has again his "supporting role" in the film.
In addition, Claus and Alwin are responsible for the drone recordings.

Over Christmas and New Year has already announced a visit. Here come our grandson Patrick Alwin and his mom Silvana.
In January 2019 Alwin's brother Gerhard and his wife Margit will visit us again.

And then we have to choose one of the following three options:

1. We stay with the PEARL for another year in the Caribbean.
2. We sail in the spring of 2019 with the PEARL from the Caribbean into the Mediterranean and sail there for a few more years.
3. We sell the PEARL here in the Caribbean and look for a nice apartment or house in Crete.

Everything stays open and exciting!