We - the Crew

We - the Crew


So began our story

In July 2011, once again ended Alwins parship membership, and he was no longer willing to throw these dating sites on the Internet for even more money into the throat. So he hid his email address in his profile, and let the matter rest. The NEVERLAND sailed in September from Turkey to the Canary Islands to spend there the winter time. On this cruise anchored Ferdinand and Alwin a night in Rethymno, Crete almost on the doorstep of Christine. But Alwin and Christine didn´t knew each other at that time.
In October 2011, Christine was interested in Alwin's profile at parship, but got no response from him logically. So she searched for a while very intensive in Alwin's profile and found the hidden email address, which she contacted immediately. Alwin was very surprised and answered immediately, because he was interested, who had solved his riddle. Thus developed in a lively email exchange. But the distance was something big to drink a coffee together to meet personally.
Eventually won the curiosity, and Christine booked a flight from Chania in Crete, where she lived for over 30 years, according to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where Neverland was with Alwin anchored in the harbour. Christine landed at just the beginning of February 2012 direct in Carnival season and stayed for 10 days.
She fell in love with Alwin, and was pretty fast sure to learn to love at his side this interesting life on a sailing ship also.
They were so intensely in touch, but there was no opportunity for further meetings. In March the NEVERLAND sailed to Cape Verde, and in April Alwin sailed alone with her across the Atlantic Sea to Martinique. Immediately after arriving Christine booked a flight from Crete to Martinique and landed there in early May 2012. This time she had taken four weeks to Alwin and this unknown life on a ship to know precisely.
Exactly at this time discovered Alwin also the catamaran PEARL, owned by Doris and Jürg toying with the idea to sell the ship. Alwin immediately showed strong interest. Of such a ship he had dreamed in the past few years. Christine also was excited about the ship. With a very good feeling Christine went back to Crete, announced her apartment and her job at a local TV station, sold or gave away everything that she could not take with and was preparing to move to the Caribbean.
Alwin sailed now with the NEVERLAND to Trinidad / Tobago, where they spent the hurricane season.
Even in July received Alwin of Doris and Jürg the news that they are now determined to sell the PEARL. Instantly via the Internet, a preliminary contract has been completed and the purchase was sealed.
Christine came in late August 2012 with a one-way ticket and their entire film equipment to Tobago, and in November we took over the PEARL in Martinique. Doris and Jürg helped us often very active in the work of the PEARL, so we could put very soon the boat into the water. The pair plan to travel in the near future Southeast Asia and New Zealand from land. But we would be happy to welcome them again sometime as guests on the PEARL.

The video clip is about our story.

We live what you dream.

Alwin and Christine

Our story

Skipper Alwin


Alwin was born in 1952 in Cottbus in East Germany. In his childhood he spent much time at the coast of the Baltic Sea and sailed with fisherman on the open water. He wanted to go to the sea as a radio operator, because he loved the sea and it was also a way to get some more liberty in the former DDR.

But instead he learned motor mechanic and made at the same time his high school degree (Abitur). In his spare time he was busy with electronics, amateur radio and sailing. But instead of going to the navy he became a student in Dresden for electronics and precision instrument technology. In his spare time Alwin sailed with his 15th Jollerkreuzer on the waters near Berlin and Brandenburg and he taught children how to sail.

After the reunification of Germany Alwin succeeded to get an agency of one well known ship chandler for electronics. He started a new company in Berlin for ship electronics. So he made his hobby to his occupation and had to do with navigation, radar, naval electrics and electronics and he equipped many circumnavigators in that time. But he never forgot his secret desire to sail round the world himself. In 2002 he transferred the management of his company to his oldest son, bought a Catamaran and started to refit her. In early summer 2002 he started: Norway – Spitzbergen – England - Spain – Canaries – The Caribbean. And he would still be sailing if not hurricane Iwan had damaged his catamaran so terribly on Grenada.

Alwin went back to Germany, worked again in ship electronics and equipped other boats for their circumnavigation. But on the long run his desire to sail was stronger and in late summer 2005 he accepted an offer to work as captain on Catamaran Neverland. Alwin has his master's certificate for high sea sailing (Sporthochseeschifferschein) which is the highest certificate for sea sailing. He has approximately 125.000 of nautical miles in the wake and approximately 85.000 miles on catamarans. Alwin loves its job as a captain of a large catamaran. Alwin loves to cook, he also cooks vegetarian. And he is a good instructor if you want to learn more about high sea sailing.

Christine - the woman on board


Christine was born at 02.06.1959 in Mullheim in Baden, Germany.

In 1978 she traveled as a backpacker through Greece, came to Crete, was falling in love in a local young man in Chania and went never back to Germany.
Her love turned in a long marriage and later on her two sons Andonis and Pavlos were born here.
After her sons were old enough she started to make her hobby filmmaking to her profession. Christine started as a self-employed filmmaker to film family events and wedding parties. Next she worked as director of photography in different film projects and later on she had some jobs at television.
In this time she worked together with some famous greek film directors and executive producers.
Later on she started to produce her own film productions like documentaries and promotion films.

At the end of 2011 she found Alwin in internet, came to him to Gran Canaria by plane in February 2012 and later a second time to Martinique in May. After her last visit she decided for her future to live together with Alwin on a sailing ship to go around the world.
Now she arrived at the 27.08.2012 in Tobago by plane with all her assets to stay for ever.

Christine has already made a sailing examen in December 2011 in Crete and own now her master's certificate for sea sailing (Sportseeschifferschein). Now she looks to sail our catamaran PEARL alone so soon as possible that she can go without Alwin to other places when he has to be on catamaran NEVERLAND.