That’s fine!
Martinique has 4 dialysis clinics with European standards.
A dialysis clinic is located directly on the hill above the large new marina in Le Marin.
The bay of Le Marin is one of our main anchorages in the Caribbean. Practicall our home.
My brother and his wife on Diamond Beach with Rock Diamond in the background

Although the holiday was planned long in advance, we did not get any dialysis appointments in Le Marin this year. January is high season in Martinique. During this time, many French come from the motherland here. The clinic was fully booked as it was two years ago. Once again, one of the responsible doctors organized the desired appointments in the dialysis clinic of the St. Paul Hospital in Fort de France.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18:00 to 22:00. My brother has the same rhythm in his home clinic in Germany.
So also my brother’s second sailing vacation could start with us on the ship in the Caribbean.

On the beach of the Grande Anse des Salines
The plane landed on time, but a small suitcase was missing. We only got it on the day of departure at the airport.
Like the first time we rented a car for the entire holiday season.
So we could pick up my brother and his wife from the airport and drive my brother at the desired time from the various anchorages in the clinic.
The first days we stay in Le Marin to get used to my brother in peace to the climate and the time difference. We bathed and swam a lot, drove our dinghy through the bay and explored the area.
My brother enjoyed the warmth, the cool Passat and the spectacular sunsets.
On the second day, I drove my brother to Fort de France for the first time. Everything was well prepared. All the doctors and nurses were super nice and remembered us after two years. Also the other, mainly colored dialysis patients. So there was no difficulty and the first formalities were done quickly.
At the weekend we sailed for the beginning of the short distance to St. Anne. From here we explored the southern part of the island with the beautiful beach Grande Anse des Salines.
St. Anne was the furthest anchorage from Fort de France to the clinic.
Other anchorages were Grand Anse de Arlet and Anse Noir. While we were sailing Christine always drove by car to the next anchor bay.
As Martinique sinks into total traffic chaos, especially during the rush hour, we decided to spend the rest of the holiday on the anchorage right in front of the island’s capital, Fort de France, below the old fort.
From there it was only a short drive to the clinic, and it was also a good starting point for our island trips by car.
Anse Noir is for me the most beautiful bay of Martinique
My brother also enjoyed his second sailing holiday in the Caribbean with us on our PEARL. Time went by very quickly
Martinique has enough attractions for a 4-week trip from bay to bay.
He again felt very safe in the dialysis clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital in Fort de France, praising the technical condition of the equipment, the professionalism of the mainly colored staff and the cleanliness and sterility of the dialysis rooms.
The payment was made this time on the last dialysis appointment in cash and in euros for the entire treatment period. In turn, we have received a proper, written bill for the health insurance in Germany. The treatment and the costs were coordinated in advance. The treatment costs were on the same scale as in Germany.
We sail past Rock Diamond - that's really our PEARL

Here’s a video of my brother’s first vacation on our PEARL in 2016.

Holidays in Martinique